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Free HD Wallpaper-Packs: Extreme Sharp Resolutions
Fast cars, snow-white beaches and hot babes: We have some amazing wallpaper packs in HD resolution for your desktop.

Fast cars, snow-white beaches and hot babes: We have some amazing wallpaper packs in HD resolution for your desktop. Sharper, sexier and more exciting.

Just make a right-click on your desktop and »Customize« and you get straight to the background settings of your screen.

High-definition wallpapers from 6 different genres: Cities, Travel, Babes, Abstract, Cars and Games.

See below for links to the galleries...

Free High Definition Wallpapers

HD abstract wallpapers
Some surreal HD wallpapers to bling up your desktop!

Gallery: HD Wallpapers - Abstract

If you want to beautify your screen permanently, the Internet holds an endless and often free bank of fantastic wallpapers to decorate your workspace.

HD car wallpapers
Some mean machines for your mean machine!

Gallery: HD Wallpapers - Cars

For a real car fan, there's nothing better than revving up your desktop with some more cars. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari or VW, in this package is something for everyone.

HD Babe wallpapers
More distractions are always welcome, right?

Gallery: HD Wallpapers - Babes

Hot babes and sharp curves: These virtual beauties can't wait to be plastered all over your desktop!

HD cityscape wallpapers
Cities apart, find yourself in another world just by staring at your monitor.

Gallery: HD Wallpapers - Cities

A city's skyline is like a trademark, and they make for great desktop themes. This pack contains 10 impressive wallpapers in HD resolution.

HD travel wallpapers
A window to the world, take your mind on a holiday right from your desk.

Gallery: HD Wallpapers - Travel

There many places lots of people would rather be besides their desk. Inside this download pack you'll find 10 stunning wallpapers with pictures from Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, or even the Alps.

HD Game wallpapers
Kill the boredom in the office with these gaming HD wallpapers.

Gallery: HD Wallpapers - Games

Perfect resolution: Get wallapers from games like Need for Speed, Crysis and GTA in HD resolution for your desktop. On these wallpapers you can see hot babes, furious warriors and destructive Aliens.


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