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3.3.2 build 30488

µTorrent freeware download

Play it Safe. Play it Now. Play it Anywhere.
uTorrent protects your computer with an integrated antivirus ... More

User's Rating Not Rated
License: Freeware

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Top 20 File Sharing Programs

Frostwire to Limewire, Bearshare and BitComet: Sharing files is a way of life for many internet users so you may as well have the best tools for the job. More




BearShare is a file exchanger which is not only restricted to the exchange of MP3s


User's Rating 3.4 Star Rating
License: Freeware

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µTorrent 3.3.2 build 30488 TOP

Play it Safe. Play it Now. Play it Anywhere. uTorrent protects your computer with an integrated antivirus system and allows you to get codecs that you need to enjoy your favourite videos in HD.

Editor's Rating 3.0

19 562
January 21, 2014

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Transmission (MacOS) 2.33 TOP

Transmission is a lightweight BitTorrent Client for MacOS.

1 092
September 23, 2011

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Vuze (Azureus) 5.0

The BitTorrent Client Vuze - formerly called Azureus - now comes with a completely revamped user interface.

7 129
June 26, 2013

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BearShare 12.0 TOP

BearShare is a file exchanger which is not only restricted to the exchange of MP3s

User's Rating 3.4 Star Rating

28 592
November 18, 2013

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BitTorrent 7.9 #30637

BitTorrent is a free filesharing software which also allows users to create their own Torrents.

14 336
March 06, 2014

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Deluge-Torrent 1.3.0_rc2

Deluge is a open source torrent client similar to µtorrent.

1 105
August 31, 2010

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Ares 2.2.5

Ares is an easy-to-use client for a new file sharing network.

User's Rating 2.0 Star Rating

4 196
November 19, 2013

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eMule Applejuice 3.1.3

eMule Apple Juice supplies Emule with extended security and a higher speed.

3 945
April 17, 2009

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eXeem Lite 0.27

eXeem Lite offers security without reducing the performance of BitTorrent networks.

April 16, 2005

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LimeWire Basic Linux 5.5.8

LimeWire is a popular peer-to-peer file-sharing program.

2 466
March 25, 2010

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SharedView 8.0.5725

Microsoft SharedView let you connect with up to 15 people in different locations around the world and get your point across by showing them what's on your screen.

July 22, 2010

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usenext 5.2.8

UseNeXT is anonymous and ad-free access to over 200 terabytes worth of MP3s, videos, games, pictures, and software.

3 893
January 25, 2010

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3° 1.0 Beta

American Windows-XP users can take part in a public Beta-test of Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer software 3°.

February 28, 2003

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Fast file sharing at home: With AirForShare you can share messages, links and small files with all devices on the network.

February 23, 2012

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AllPeers 0.60.2 Beta

Browser Enhancements

AllPeers is a BitTorrent plug in for the Firefox Internet Browser.

User's Rating 4.5 Star Rating

June 22, 2007

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aMule for MacOS 2.2.6

The free file sharing client, aMule, is for the MacOS, and is based on eDonkey 2000.

October 02, 2009

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ApexDC++ 1.5.6

ApexDC++ is a Client for the Peer-to-Peer filesharing network protocol DirectConnect.

10 395
June 24, 2013

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Like eDonkey2000, AppleJuice supports multiple sources, swarming control and supports HTML links direct to flies in AJ networks. Since many filesharing systems are only used for downloads, AppleJuice uses a credit system.Requires Java.

1 061
April 18, 2009

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Audiogalaxy Satellite 0.609w

Audiogalaxy is a file-sharing portal which stands out due to its web-based user interface.

March 07, 2002

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Auto Speed 0.9.0


The free plug-in Auto Speed increases the upload speed in the BitTorrent network in order to increase the download speed.

November 11, 2008

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