What is
How do I join?
Does it cost anything?
How many different languages are available?
Why are some descriptions on the site in English?
Is there an International exchange of tools taking place?
Are you going to bombard me with spam emails when I give you my email address?

Downloads, Download-Alert & Tool Recommendation 
How can I download software from the site?
Do I need to be registered to download any content?
What is the Download Alert?
How do I add a tool to the Download Alert?
Where can I see the software I have registered in my Download Alert?
How can I change the contents of my Download Alert?
Where can I recommend content to be included on the site?
How can I recommend software to be included?
How do I write a good description for my software?
Which links should be included for the tool?
What does “Relation to other existing software” mean?
Where can I find a screenshot or logo?
How do I make a screenshot and logo of the software?
Why do members from other countries also write an English description with their tool?
Why can’t I see my tool immediately on the website?
Where can I keep track of my recommended software?
How will I know if my recommendation has been accepted or not?
Why wasn’t my tool accepted?
Can I resubmit my recommendation?
What is a Tool Expert?
How do I recommend a new version of a tool?
How can I recommend a local version of a software?

Reviews, Questions, Replies and Question Alert
What should I include in a good review for a download?
How can I submit a question to the site?
Why isn’t my question immediately visible on the site?
How can I keep track of my questions and any replies?
Can I reply to a question more than once?
How can I add a comment to a reply?
What makes a reply appear in the “Top Rated Replies”?
What is the “Question Alert”?
How can I add a category to my “Question Alert”?
How can I remove a category from my “Question Alert”?
Where can I see if there is a new question waiting for me?

Registration, Usercard & Points System
How can I register?
Can I use my existing CHIP Xonio Forum account with this site?
My CHIP Xonio Forum log in details don’t work – what can I do?
Why won’t my email address be accepted?
Why wont my desired Username be accepted?
How do I earn points?
Why do I need points?
Why isn’t my name showing in the Expert list?




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