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How can I download software from the site?
On each individual software page, you can find a clearly marked “Download Now!” button.  One click is all it takes and we will deliver the requested file via our Installer. The Installer is a small ad-supported stub installer or “download manager” that helps securely deliver your downloads from's secure servers. Simply follow the instructions in the Installer to download and install the software on your computer. The Installer improves the process by stepping you through your download and enabling you to more easily find and execute your software's installer. is supported primarily by advertising, and we occasionally include offers for additional downloads from advertisers as part of our Installer process. All of the offers in our Installer are carefully screened to ensure compliance with the policies. The installer also helps ensure the downloads remain free.

The Installer enables to get valuable feedback regarding software installation, with possibilities including whether the user's interested in the offers displayed, how long the download takes, and whether the download completes successfully. This helps quickly detect problems with the download experience, including download failures, and make changes to increase download speed and reliability in the future.

After clicking “Download Now”, locate the file you just downloaded. It should be in your Downloads folder. Simply launch the Installer and follow the instructions to complete the download and install your software. Please note that you must remain connected to the Internet in order to complete the process.

The Installer does not install itself on your system and does not leave behind any additional components. If you've accepted an offer for 3rd-party software during your download the additional items that you've agreed to will be installed on your system.

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Do I need to be registered to download any content?
No. You can download the content of this site without being registered. If you are not registered though, as soon as you click on the “Download Now!” button a new information window will open. If you click on the “Download Software Now” button, the download will start.
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What is the Download Alert?
The Download Alert will let you know when a new version becomes available of your favourite software. You will automatically receive an email informing you of when a new version becomes available. 
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How do I add a tool to the Download Alert?
This is quite simple. Head to the relevant software page and in the top right you will find the text “Add to my Download Alert”. Simply click on the text and you will receive a confirmation message that the tool has been added.
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Where can I see the software I have registered in my Download Alert?
Once you have completed the registration process, you have automatically created your personal User Card which tracks all of your activities on You can activate your User Card by logging in at the “Member Login” Box, and then clicking on your user name. In your User Card there is a section called “Download – Alert” which lists all of the software you have subscribed to in order to receive updates.
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How can I change the contents of my Download Alert?
Click on the “Download – Alert” section of your User Card and you can see all of the software to which you have subscribed. To remove a tool from the list, click on the “Delete from list”.  You will be asked to confirm the removal of the selected software. Click on the “Yes, Please remove this from my Download Alert” to complete the request. 
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Where can I recommend content to be included on the site?
Simply head to the “Community Box” and click on “Recommend New Software”.
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How do I write a good description for my software?
All recommendations that appear on the site that you submit to us will display your name.  Therefore, we ask that users try and make their descriptions as good as possible. We also ask you to write a short introduction to the tool, which should accurately describe what the software does and should be able to be understood by all subsequent readers. 

We also ask that you write a main description for the tool, and it is here where you can write about the features of the tool.  Ideally this should be a detailed description.

Finally, we ask that you submit a short conclusion, explaining why you think the software should be downloaded.  This should only be two to three lines long, but should act as a nice summary to your recommendation.

More information can be found in our Review Guidelines.
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Which links should be included for the tool?
In order to help the editorial team, we ask that you provide us with a link to the producer’s website. This makes our job a lot easier and will make sure that your software has the highest chance of making it on to the website.
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What does “Relation to other existing software” mean?
It might be that the software you are recommending is related to other products on the website. In these circumstances, we would appreciate it if you can also paste the link to the relevant software which already exists.
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Where can I find a screenshot or logo?
Normally, is it possible to find the required logo or screenshot from the software producer’s website. What would be even better is if you make the screenshot yourself.
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How do I make a screenshot and logo of the software?
Click on the “Print Screen” button at the top of your keyboard. You then need to have access to a Picture Editing software, into which you can then paste the screenshot. Edit the picture as required and make sure that it is the right size before saving it in .jpg format.
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Why do members from other countries also write an English description with their tool? is truly an international download portal and we are encouraging the exchange of tools and downloads across all the countries. Indeed, there is a good chance that a software you have downloaded came as a recommendation from a user in another country. For all recommendations from our international counterparts, we ask them to provide us with a short English description for the tool. This short description is the signal that we should also work to release this tool in English.
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Why can’t I see my tool immediately on the website?
In order to make sure that the quality standards of the website are maintained, all recommendations are checked by the Editorial team of Not only is the quality of the recommendation itself checked, but the licensing and legality of the tool are also a priority. All downloads are vigorously checked for viruses and only those which are virus free make it onto the website.
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Where can I keep track of my recommended software?
Once you have submitted a recommendation, you can view it in your User Card. Tools which are being processed can be found under the “My Tools” section under “My Recommended Programs which are awaiting release”.
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Why wasn’t my tool accepted?
There might be occasions when we are unable to accept a recommendation. These situations include where there is a legal reason that we cannot offer the tool on the website. Another reason might be that the description you submitted doesn’t correspond with the right software. It might also be possible that the file for the software contains a virus and so we are unable to offer for download.
Important: The submitted description for your recommendation must not be copied from other internet sites.  The details relating to the software need to be written personally and copied content will not be accepted.
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Can I resubmit my recommendation?
Of course. However, please bear in mind that the recommendation was rejected the first time, and so when you resubmit the tool, please make sure that the description is of a high quality and that the description matches the software itself.
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What is a Tool Expert?
There are 5 Tool Expert positions available for each software. These Tool Experts can be seen on the right hand side of the software description. If you recommend a new tool, you will automatically be placed in the first position for the Tool Expert. The remaining positions will be taken by the users who write the first 4 reviews for the tool.
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How do I recommend a new version of a tool?
If you notice that the version of a software available on, you can earn points by telling us about the latest version. In order to do this, you need to be on the relevant software page and click in the Community Box on “Recommend a new version of this tool”.
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