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Boost for Facebook. Firefox addon 9.4.1 Download

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StudioBoost Team
Date added:
July 31, 2009
Operating systems:
All Operating Systems
firefox 118 KB
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Boost for Facebook. Firefox addon Download Info

Boost for Facebook
Boost Facebook addon helps users to customize their facebook experience with 300+ facebook skins.

Features in 8 .* Release:
* Autopoke and EZPoke options
* Auto-Refresh Home (beta)
* Rollover image for each view in full size
* Ability to load all the album photos on a page
* Hundreds of Skins
* Selectable Features - Use only what you want!
* Quick Access icon in the status bar
* Skins for school, sports and many others built in
* Rollover all profile pic thumbnails
* Auto-login and password is stored
* One-click pokes
* 3 Supercharged Album options
* Skin Banner

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Boost for Facebook. Firefox addon 9.4.1

(Social Networks), September 02, 2009

Unnecessary and causes problems.

Reviewer: ChrisD.Walker - View all of My Reviews

I just installed this program, because it sounded like a good way to modify facebook.
However, I was disappointed and have deleted the Firefox addon!

After installing, I opened the settings window and found various changes that could be made. Unfortunately one of these settings caused Firefox to crash. So I disabled all and just concentrated on the layout change. This seems to be not working properly at the moment.
I tried a few layouts and I only got a different colour at the top and the font colour changed. Surprisingly it didn't cover everything and the edges were still blue. And also the facebook logo, resulting in a very disappointing look.

This program might well work better on other computers, but it is useless for me!