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Birth of the Empires v5.1 Alpha7 (V0.90) Download

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Sir Pustekuchen
Date added:
March 06, 2013
Operating systems:
Win XP/Windows Vista/Win 2000/Windows 7/Windows 8/Linux
CPU 1 GHz min., 256 MB RAM, 180 MB hard disk space
File size:

Birth of the Empires v5.1 Download Info

Birth of the Empires v5.1
A turn-based 4X strategy game set in space in the style of classics such as Microprose's Master of Orion 2 or ST: Birth of the Federation, playable in single- or multiplayer mode (LAN, internet). Goal is to gain control and supremacy over the galaxy, either by diplomatic or military means. Divergent victory conditions can be set before starting.

People having played the mentioned Microprose games above will find BotE very familiar in terms of gameplay and controls. Choose one of six major empires and lead it up its way from a single star system in the beginnings of space flight to a full-blown galactic power challenged to keep either peace or its power in the galaxy. Opponents can either be taken by human players or a challenging AI. Main features are a complete resource management and trading on a planetary system level, aliens and random events, diplomatic interactions, intel actions like espionage and sabotage, ship battles and invasions, bribery and intergalactic warfare.

Installation hints: You can choose setup language which will also determine game language after installation. So if you choose German in setup the game will be german version, the same with English which it should auto-detect when you are using an english Windows version. So to sum it up, the installer is multi-language.

Important game hints: To get to the in-game options menu, you need to move the mouse at the top corner of the screen above the "End turn"-button. This will activate a menu bar where you can save a game or open in-game chat with other players. Via GameSettings some options are available e.g. start options like difficulty levels like BABY, EASY, NORMAL, HARD and IMPOSSIBLE. If any problems appear just run BotE as an admin.

Playing BotE will get much fun to you, completely free and for many hours, alone or with your friends online or in local LAN matches.

The upshot: A well-done game for turn-based strategy fans.

This tool was recommended by RainerRe provides safe and secure software. We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country. If you have any problems or concerns, please report it to the team.

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