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Alcohol 52% Free Edition Download

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Alcohol Soft
Date added:
November 19, 2013
You can not run Alcohol 52% if you have Alcohol 120% installed on the same drive
Operating systems:
Win XP/Windows Vista/Win 2000/Win NT 4.0/Windows 7
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Alcohol 52% Free Edition Download Info

Alcohol 52% Free Edition
This emulation software allows users to play CDs or DVDs without the need for the physical disc.

Alcohol 52% Supports 25+ languages and can handle up to 6 virtual CD DVD-ROM drives, all at once. The reading speed of a virtual CD-ROM is 200X. This means you can play a CD from the virtual CD-ROM with 200X reading speed. The program supports normal CD DVD and CD RAW sub-channel reading methods: RAW reading method enables to emulate all CDs.

Notebook users and PC Game players would benifit the most from Alcohol 52%.
This version of Alcohol 52% is for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only. provides safe and secure software. We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country. If you have any problems or concerns, please report it to the team.

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Editor's Review

Alcohol 52% free edition copies and emulates cd/DVDs quickly and easily in a few simple clicks.

With the relative successful Alcohol 120% over the years, Alcoholsoft have released a water down free version of their software for users who don't need all the feature and tools.

There is a major difference between the 120% and there much lesser 52% firstly is that 52% does not have the ability to burn CD’s or DVD’s. Some might ask then what's the point of this software?

Alcohol offers a virtual CD drive and the ability to create CD images, if like me sometime you want to make a backup of your CD's or DVD's but have no desire to burn them to disk then this program comes into its own.

There is also the option to convert audio files from CD. This requires you to download a plug-in which is free, the program will take you to the download site when you first click the audio converter option with in the program.

Overall, I found this to be a decent option if you are looking for a way to manage and create CD/DVD images; Alcoholsoft have made this a practical option for anyone who uses images and best of all it is free.

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