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Recovery Toolbox for CorelDRAW 2.0.0 Stáhnout

Hodnocení redakce:
Hodnocení uživatelů:
Kolikrát staženo:
Recovery Toolbox, Inc.
13. března 2013
Jazyk programu:
Can not allow to save recovered data.
Pro operační systém:
Win XP/Windows Vista/Win 2000/Win 98/Win NT 4.0/Win XP Media Center Edition/Windows 7
Program vyžaduje:
Windows 98 or above
Kontrolní součet:

Recovery Toolbox for CorelDRAW Popis programu

Recovery Toolbox for CorelDRAW
For more than two decades, CorelDRAW has been one of the key tools used by professional illustrators and artists across the globe. This vector drawing software combines ultimate functionality, industry-wide support and outstanding usability, which makes it an obvious choice for professional users. CorelDRAW saves illustrations in its own proprietary format, *.cdr - and there is no need to say that files of this format are just as susceptible to corruption as any other file on your system. As you know, a file can get damaged by quite a few things - from the power going off and your hard drive failing to write a file to a violent virus attack or the results of the user's own experiments with unknown system software. In all of these cases, the result will look the same - CorelDRAW will be simply unable to open affected files. This is exactly the type of situation that Recovery Toolbox for CorelDraw was designed for.

Recovery Toolbox for CorelDraw is a compact, efficient, reliable and affordable recovery tool for CorelDRAW *.cdr files damaged in all types of data corruption incidents. No matter how your file was damaged, the program gives you a very high chance of successful recovery thanks to its advanced recovery engine and algorithms. If you've never done anything like that and have doubts about your ability to pull it off successfully, don't worry - Recovery Toolbox for CorelDraw is so simple and self-explanatory that you won't need any special skills and experience at all! How to recover corrupted Corel Draw file reading error online software? This program was made with simplicity in mind, so all you have to do is to follow instructions on the screen, do what the program asks for and proceed towards the end of the recovery process by clicking Next. In fact, the entire process is very short and consists of a several simple steps described below:
Start the program

Click the program shortcut on the Window desktop or locate the program in the Program menu and start it.

Select a damaged file you'd like to restore. The file can be located either locally or in the local network.
Preview the recoverable content of the file. At this stage, you can zoom in and out and move around the drawing.
Have the program recover the drawing and pass it to CorelDRAW for editing and saving.
View the recovery log.

Recovery Toolbox for CorelDraw is an ultimately convenient and fast recovery tool that can potentially save you many and hour of your work and a sizeable amount of money. If you are on a budget and need an affordable recovery solution for your CorelDRAW files, don't hesitate and grab a copy of Recovery Toolbox for CorelDraw! - Recover Corel Draw corrupt file X5.

Tento program doporučil uživatel rtboxsub

Popis programu může vycházet z toho, co o něm tvrdí jeho tvůrce nebo distributor, a provozovatel služby nepřebírá odpovědnost za věcnou správnost popisu. Provozovatel dále nepodporuje protiprávní užívání programů. Odpovědnost za to, že program bude užit pouze v souladu s platnými zákony, leží výhradně na uživateli.


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