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Rainmeter 2.3.3

Not only the weather is displayed with Rainmeter. System information and much more is also included.

Rainmeter (64-Bit) 2.3.3

Not only the weather is displayed with Rainmeter (64-Bit). System information and much more is also included.

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Rainmeter (64-Bit) 2.3.3 Stáhnout

Hodnocení redakce:
Hodnocení uživatelů:
Kolikrát staženo:
28. srpna 2012
Jazyk programu:
Pro operační systém:
Win XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Program vyžaduje:
64-Bit OS
Kontrolní součet:

Rainmeter (64-Bit) Popis programu

Rainmeter (64-Bit)
Not only the weather is displayed with Rainmeter (64-Bit). System information and much more is also included.

Rainmeter is not only a tool for reporting the weather, it's also a desktop utility for getting actual CPU and hardrive performance data, and it can randomly display news flashes from all over the world.

Installer includes both x32 and x64 versions

Tento program doporučil uživatel Ilya3L

Popis programu může vycházet z toho, co o něm tvrdí jeho tvůrce nebo distributor, a provozovatel služby nepřebírá odpovědnost za věcnou správnost popisu. Provozovatel dále nepodporuje protiprávní užívání programů. Odpovědnost za to, že program bude užit pouze v souladu s platnými zákony, leží výhradně na uživateli.


Stránka vydavatele programu

Názor redakce:

Rainmeter is a free to download sidebar and Taskbar tool, with hundreds of online skins to choose from or you can create your own.
The key to Rainmeter is the way in which it has literally hundreds of methods to help customize your desktop. The design of Rainmeter is simple it lets you create your desktop in a way to suit your needs. Many of the function within Rainmeter require that you edit the code or when adding a new feature to write your own code, however there is a large online community to help you out when needed.
Getting started.

As with many a new program where to begin can often be the most difficult, especially if you are new to even the basic concepts of the type of program you have select to use. However with Rainmeter you get an excellent tutorial on where to being, there are four simple tutorials to go through which cover the basic in an easy to follow step by step guild ranging from simple clocks to creating data feeds from websites.

The tutorials we found are really simple to follow with a see and do approach, there are detailed descriptions to everything explaining what you are doing and what everything does, at the end of each tutorial there is a small piece which will give you something to do on your own.


The program uses a very basic programming language and even those without any previous programming knowledge will have no trouble in creating their own custom desktops.
Once you have gotten the basic you will be able to start creating your own custom desktops or you can edit and manipulate one of the many themes available online.  The basics concept of the program is a simple one, and that is customization to suit the users’ needs.
Creating your own theme.

So how easy is it to create your own desktop theme?  We looked at the program from the point of view that what if we had no knowledge of programming at all, with this approach we found that creating our own theme was relatively simple and with a little help from the online resources, we were able to create a simple desktop theme with ease. After some additional research, we were able to create some simple desktop functions such as a custom recycle bin and a simple quick launch/shortcut bar.
Online resources.
The amount of online resources for Rainmeter is more than ample, with an active community, not just on the developer’s homepage but also with many fan pages the amount of themes and components are in the thousands.  You are sure to find something to suit your needs, and if you are struggling to find what you are looking for, the forums offer a good source of information and the community members are willing to help and teach those who are new to Rainmeter.
Round up.
Overall, we found that Rainmeter was more than just a weather gadget, it has grown into a fully functional desktop customization tools and when accompanied with a custom shell interface application you can create some rather stunning active desktops.

Stránka vydavatele programu

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