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BrainTraineR 5.0 Stáhnout

Hodnocení redakce:
Hodnocení uživatelů:
Kolikrát staženo:
FirstCode Software
27. března 2012
Jazyk programu:
Shareware version can only be started 20 times.
Pro operační systém:
Win XP/Windows Vista/Win 2000/Win 2003 Server/Win 2008 Server/Win XP Media Center Edition/Windows 7
Kontrolní součet:

BrainTraineR Popis programu

BrainTraineR is an universal flash card application that makes learning new languages an easy task.

This vocabulary program facilitates the categorizing and learning of vocables, formulars, facts and all other content that can be divided into question/answer pairs that previously had to be studied hard with flash cards or school books. While school exercise books are clear they hardly fit for long term learning. Flash cards behave exactly the opposite way. They transport the content more efficiently to the long term memory but are hard to organize.

The BrainTraineR unites the advantages of both common learning methods and additionally uses the manifold possibilities of modern computer technologies. So lections can be organized like folders in the Windows-Explorer. Thereby you can easily keep overview even for huge vocabularies. The virtual flash cards can not only be text formatted but can also be enriched with pictures, audio records and even videos.

The neoteric training system provides high learning speed and takes care of long term learning. It works similar to a file-card box but replaces the five main subjects with infinite intergrades. Typed answers are not simply considered right or wrong but rated percentaged. While training vocables that have multiply meanings translated part answers are recognized correctly. This allows the application a more precise rating of the learning progress and therefore a more to the point training.

Furthermore the BrainTraineR offers an indidual adjustable error tolerance. Typed answers with minor typos are according to the settings either interpreted as partially correct or as wrong. Besides the automatic scoring the user can rate his answers himself, too. Even orthography can optimally be trained thanks to the dictation function.

Tento program doporučil uživatel FirstCode

Popis programu může vycházet z toho, co o něm tvrdí jeho tvůrce nebo distributor, a provozovatel služby nepřebírá odpovědnost za věcnou správnost popisu. Provozovatel dále nepodporuje protiprávní užívání programů. Odpovědnost za to, že program bude užit pouze v souladu s platnými zákony, leží výhradně na uživateli.


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